October 27, 2016

Trim Your Tailgate!

Think outside the box (literally) when planning your next game-day soiree. Don’t serve the same old boring potato chips, pretzels, and pizza.  Here’s some tips to trim the fat and calories in your football favorites without sacrificing taste at your next tailgate! ~Let’s start with dips.  Everyone loves hot crab, creamy artichoke, French onion, and garden vegetable dips.  Instead of full-fat … [Read more...]

Good Stuff For Your Gut

Probiotics are the new antioxidants.  You see the people on TV lifting their shirts and complaining about bloated bellies, or Jamie Lee Curtis trying to convince a random woman that she needs yogurt daily. What are probiotics and why are they all of a sudden in so many different food products? First things first. We are full of bugs.  Billions of them. Bugs known as bacteria, and much of them … [Read more...]