October 24, 2016

10 ways to Avoid Being “Quacked”!

My clients know that I am open to complementary alternative therapies, but I strongly caution them to avoid anything that could be harmful to their health, cause interactions with their medications or are costly. According to Dr. Stephen Barrett, MD of QuackWatch.org,  "Promoters of quackery know how to appeal to every aspect of human vulnerability. What sells is not the quality of their … [Read more...]

The Scam of Some Supplements

It seems as if many individuals are looking for that “magic pill”, the one that will assist with their nutrition, make them thin, more toned, have clearer skin, better digestion, ward off cancer and add more pep in their step.  Does such a supplement (or combination of several) exist? Let’s first understand the definition of a supplement, and how to separate the facts from the … [Read more...]

Battling the Big “C”

My previous experience as Bayhealth Medical Center’s out-patient dietitian for both the cancer centers at Milford Memorial Hospital and Kent General Hospital in Delaware gave me the amazing privilege of assisting individuals in their fight against cancer with good nutrition. Nutrition is a critical component within the treatment protocol, and patients should be followed by a dietitian as part of … [Read more...]