October 25, 2016

Beware the Beef?

Despite recent reports that “butter isn’t bad” and “saturated fat isn’t our enemy anymore”, many other reliable, clinical studies over the years have demonstrated that red meat and processed meats have been shown to significantly increase our risk for cancer or heart disease, exclusive of other cofactors. Meat eaters have an overall greater chance of dying from heart disease or cancer than those … [Read more...]

Trim Your Tailgate!

Think outside the box (literally) when planning your next game-day soiree. Don’t serve the same old boring potato chips, pretzels, and pizza.  Here’s some tips to trim the fat and calories in your football favorites without sacrificing taste at your next tailgate! ~Let’s start with dips.  Everyone loves hot crab, creamy artichoke, French onion, and garden vegetable dips.  Instead of full-fat … [Read more...]

The Skinny on Fats

Contrary to popular belief, fat is essential for our good health.  Fat stores needed energy in the body. It insulates our body tissues, it cushions our organs, and it transports fat soluble vitamins like A, D and K in the blood. Fat also enhances the flavor of foods (Paula Dean anyone?), makes baked products more tender, and it conducts heat during cooking. Sounds good, right? BUT - not all … [Read more...]

Let’s Hear It for the Boys!

I like to think my readers are divided up evenly between males and females.  I try to keep my posts gender non-specific, but sometimes I feel as if I err on the side of the ladies.  Maybe it’s because women tend to fuss about their weight and appearance more so than men. Research shows the majority of the "fairer" sex are more health-conscious, that is, females are more apt than males to see their … [Read more...]