September 1, 2014

Healthy Gifts for Healthy People!

I’ve been getting asked quite a bit about healthy gift ideas for the holidays.  I like to give presents that my family and friends will truly use and enjoy, but that are also in line with my high standards for healthy living. So this week I took pen and paper in hand and developed the following list to help you, my dear readers, with your holiday shopping: Lunch tote. I encourage ALL of my … [Read more...]

A Healthier Halloween!

Goblins, witches and ghosts, just a few of the scary things about Halloween. But do you know what is really scary? At least to this dietitian?  All the candy that kids will be consuming for the next few days, even weeks.  How can you ensure your little ones don’t overindulge, while still celebrating the excitement of the holiday? Below, some simple tips to make this Halloween a little less spooky … [Read more...]