September 2, 2014

The Coffee Connundrum

To drink or not to drink…that is the question.  Why does it seem as if everyday a new study comes out that says how horrible coffee is for you, and then another comes out right after extolling its benefits? I call it the coffee conundrum, because I have seen my clients wrestle with the choice to quit coffee cold-turkey, or to continue consuming. Most drink it because they enjoy the taste, or they … [Read more...]

“D” is for Darling

A client calls me in a panic…”Lisa, my lab results are back, and I’m deficient in vitamin D! My doctor says I’m at risk for osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, colon cancer, breast cancer, and heart disease!  Is this true?” “Well,” I say slowly, as to not incite her hysteria any further, “Yes, maybe, possibly, could be, yep, looks that way, respectively.”  My client is not … [Read more...]

Stevia – the Sweetest Thing?

Have you noticed there are some new sweeteners on the supermarket shelves lately?  Where before my clients would ask me about NutraSweet and Splenda, they are now asking me about Stevia. It is interesting to note that with the adoption of the “green” movement and organic foods, people are turning away from the old stand-bys, i.e. the  pink, yellow and blue packets, for these newer, “natural” … [Read more...]

Battling the Big “C”

My previous experience as Bayhealth Medical Center’s out-patient dietitian for both the cancer centers at Milford Memorial Hospital and Kent General Hospital in Delaware gave me the amazing privilege of assisting individuals in their fight against cancer with good nutrition. Nutrition is a critical component within the treatment protocol, and patients should be followed by a dietitian as part of … [Read more...]