October 25, 2016

Forego the Five Hour Energy

Working full-time as a clinical dietitian and managing my own practice frequently spurs the question, “How do you find the energy to do all you do?” There are times when I stay up till 2 AM working on a nutrition plan, and then have to work for a ten-hour shift the next day and I’ll think “Hmmm...it would be nice to have a bit more energy today”.  So the allure of those little bottles of “5-Hour … [Read more...]

The Coffee Connundrum

To drink or not to drink…that is the question.  Why does it seem as if everyday a new study comes out that says how horrible coffee is for you, and then another comes out right after extolling its benefits? I call it the coffee conundrum, because I have seen my clients wrestle with the choice to quit coffee cold-turkey, or to continue consuming. Most drink it because they enjoy the taste, or they … [Read more...]

Eating for Two? Well, not quite.

Recently I have had the privilege of developing a Nutrition Plan for a client in her fifth month of pregnancy. Her first trimester was a rough one, filled with lots of nausea and unfortunately, vomiting.  She was also only craving foods that are on the not-so-healthy-side, such as fast food, potato chips, and soda. Between persistently getting sick and eating high-sodium, high-fat foods, she … [Read more...]